Food & Beverage Services

At Fabulous Abu Dhabi Hotel Management we provide direct and indirect support during all phases of the food and beverage implementation and operation processes.

In food & beverage our prime focus is to provide a quality product, while maintaining the balanced approach that meets both owner’s demands and guest expectations.

Fabulous Abu Dhabi Hotel Management provides a range of management services and support in food & beverage concept development, kitchen design drawings review and equipment selection, operating and service controls monitoring on all levels throughout the process, purchasing efficiencies, cost control and hands-on staff training programs.  We aim to provide each hotel with the competitive advantage in securing the balance between guest experience, associate/partners satisfaction and revenue to ensure financial feasibility and high profit margins for each owner in the area of food & beverage. 


In addition Fabulous Abu Dhabi Hotel Management provides assistance with the menus design and content development and food & beverage promotions, pricing strategy, inventory control, combined with staff training and outlets marketing.