Our Philosophy

Why Fabulous Hotel Management

At Fabulous Abu Dhabi Hotel Management we aim to establish our position in the market place as a recognized and trusted hotel management company, increasing brand awareness to ensure the growth of the business worldwide. Within each hotel operation, we will provide complete satisfaction to guests in terms of facilities and service standards, food and beverage and related products, all at a fair value.


We will manage hotels through human resource policies which encourage and reward individual and unified effort and achievement, provide training and personal development opportunities and create a working environment in which staff feel valued.


We are committed to adopting the best commercial practice and ethical standards to ensure we achieve sufficient levels of profit to provide for reinvestment and suitable returns to shareholders and investors.



To be a pioneering hotel company dedicated to providing the best value to our guests, colleagues and owners throughout the world.  We aim to deliver 5000 hotel rooms by 2025.




  • To provide the leading customer centric hotel experience for the Global Travellor.

  • To create a career environment where continuous personal development is limitless.

  • To provide our owners and investors with sustainable and reliable returns.

  • Where ever we have a hotel we will be a positive member in the local community.