Sales & Marketing Services

Fabulous Abu Dhabi Hotel Management has a dedicated sales and marketing representation in our head office in Abu Dhabi, which supports all of our managed properties. Central reservations and marketing activities are handled by each property and enjoys the full support from head office.


Our hotels partake in a loyalty programme, such as the programme implemented at our hotel in Shymkent.  The program is divided into two tiers: Silver and Gold - with Gold our most illustrious and coveted tier.


In addition to our sales and marketing services and our loyalty program, Fabulous Abu Dhabi Hotel Management LLC holds strategic contracts with global distribution channels and online booking engines. These partnerships are leveraged by our sales and marketing team to maximize the exposure of our properties to global distribution channels.


Fabulous Abu Dhabi Hotel Management Sales & Marketing team aims to maximize revenues from various sources and distribution channels, as well as providing control and coaching in development and execution of customized sales and marketing plans for each property.  We play a key role in the overall market strategies of properties.


Fabulous Abu Dhabi Hotel Management makes sure that there is a focus on all areas that will maximize revenues and overall return on investment.